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About Superlative Comics

    1. of the highest quality or degree.
And in case it wasn’t clear:
   1. the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
Superlative Comics began as a single image based on a real-life thing that happened to
me in my I.T. job (no I won’t fix your computer, stop asking).
Superlative Comics is, for me, a place for me to get out my random jokes and thoughts
that don’t really fit in real life as just anecdotes or because I want to share them with the world.
My name is Riley and I love making people laugh. My life is pretty funny (I think so, anyway) and I have a lot of weird thoughts. Did I mention I’m mildly Autistic? Because that’s a thing. Whether or not that’s important is really your call.
I tend to treat the series a bit like a blog because I like to attack life with humor.
Framing things as a joke is a coping mechanism I use to make things feel less scary.
So, buckle up and enjoy.