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Riley Tyler

You can't spell "Functionally Insane" without "Functional"!

Role: That gal what this comic's about

Cartoonist, game designer, I.T. professional, and dreamer, Riley loves her friends, her family, and her life. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have the right to make fun of them! A very odd individual, Riley wears weirdness as a badge of honor and revels in living outside the norm. She views every day as a new adventure and a new opportunity to be the best version of herself (even if she doesn't always succeed).      



You guys are idiots and I love you.

Role: Oldest friend and Confidant

Riley's oldest friend, Iris is has a kind heart and a warm demeanor. Endlessly patient towards her friends, she is bombastic, funny, and always up for an adventure.


Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
The truth doesn't matter. What matters is what people believe is true.

Role: Roommate

Opinionated but wise, James originally hails from merry old England and shares an apartment with Riley. They usually get along. Like... 90% of the time. A very blunt person, James is a history expert and lover of anime, video games, and comics.  



None of anything going on here seems like a good idea. 
You know, the funny thing about the Higgs Field is...

Role: Best Friend/Voice of Reason

Riley's best friend for over a decade, Steve is often described as the "smartest idiot we know". Also on the Autism spectrum, Steve is far less aware of the world around him than his peers but is, by far, the most intelligent member of the group with an acumen for science and math.